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Chicago Maroon Interview: Former University Administrator Runs for State Rep

“UChicago has been a leader in intellectual pursuits, academic research, basically thought leadership. As an anchor institution in the area, UChicago needs to invest in the community in a more direct way,” said Grace Chan McKibben, one out of seven Democratic candidates vying for Illinois 25th District state house seat.

Current 25th District State Representative and majority leader Barbara Flynn Currie is retiring after thirty-nine years in office, leaving the race for State Representative wide open. On the March 20 primary elections, voters will choose between McKibben and six other Democratic candidates to represent the district that includes areas of Hyde Park and neighborhoods on south down the lakefront.

McKibben said that she stands out because she is an immigrant Asian-American woman, a demographic barely represented in government. There has so far only been one Asian-American in the Illinois legislature: Theresa Mah (A.M. ’93, Ph.D. ’99), another ex-UChicago administrator elected just two years earlier. McKibben noted that she also has extensive experience in both the private and public sector. After receiving her A.B. and A.M. from the University of Chicago, McKibben served as Associate Dean of Students at UChicago from 1998 to 2003. She has also worked in government, as Chief of Staff of the Illinois Department of Employment Security from 2003 to 2005, and now works as a community leader, as Development Director at the Indo-American Center.

You can read the complete interview on the Chicago Maroon site by clicking here.

Chicago Defender Interview: Grace Chan McKibben Breaking The Mold

In a recent interview with The Chicago Defender, I talked about my background, experiences, and ability to build relationships across traditional barriers. ““My experience as an Asian woman, an Asian American woman, is that I am usually the only Asian wherever I go,” said McKibben. “I’m used to being the only person that looks like me in various different arenas and I can’t change the way I look, I can’t change my background, but what I can bring is my own unique story, my own unique set of experiences, skills, personality, story, and everything to the table.””

You can read the complete interview on the Chicago Defender by clicking here.

Chicago Sun-Times Interview: Grace Chan McKibben, IL House 25th District Democratic Primary Candidate

In this interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Grace talks about her qualifications and policy positions for Illinois 25th District Representative. “My top three priorities are to ensure there is adequate funding for public education and having an elected school board and also adequate funding for social services for the needy community. And finally, to have a budget that makes sense for Illinois.” You can read the complete interview by clicking here.